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About Hibreed Scholarship  

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  • Be of African decent 

  • Be committed to complete one of our courses

The scholarship process 

  1. Complete and submit your scholarship application.

  2. Your application is reviewed by admissions committee

  3. You are notified through email about the scholarship decision within 24-48 hours

  4. You might be contacted for a quick interview/chat to provide more information 

  5. If successful, you will be notified to make payment within 24 - 72 hrs. of receiving scholarship decision email.

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship is currently closed. Stay tuned for new dates. 

*** Ensure this is an email you use often, because we will contact you through the email.

What is your Occupation ?
What Course are you interested in ?

Why should we select you for this scholarship?

This is an 8-weeks online course, Saturdays (5pm WAT). What challenges do you foresee in starting and completing the course?  

Who referred you?

After submission, check your email, as we will contact you in the coming days.

Scholarship Form

We are committed to lowering the entry barriers for people who want to land better opportunities by learning tech skills. 

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