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Deferral Policy

The policy is subject to change, and students are encouraged to review it regularly for updates.


Hibreed Deferral Terms and Conditions :

  1. Eligibility: Only students who have already started the course and have paid at least half of their tuition are eligible for deferral.

  2. Procedure: To defer their enrollment, students must submit a written request to Hibreed via email at and complete the Deferral Request Form.

  3. Time Limit: Students can only request a deferral of their enrollment within the first 2 weeks of the 8-week course.

  4. Fees: Students who defer their enrollment will have to pay the differential fees if the price of the course has increased for the next cohort. If a deferral is requested after the second week of the course, approval of the deferral request is subject to complete payment of tuition fees by the student and the discretion of Hibreed administrative office.

  5. Refunds: If the deferral request is denied and the student still chooses to leave the program within the first two weeks, the student will not be eligible for a refund for the portion of the course already taken including any administrative fees per Hibreed's Refund Policy . If a deferral is requested after the 2nd week and denied, no refund will be made to the student if they decide to leave the program.

  6. Approval: The Hibreed administrative office will review the deferral request and inform the student of the approval or denial status within 5 business days of receiving the request.

  7. Re-enrollment: Students who defer their enrollment will have the option to re-enroll only in the next cohort at the updated price. Any student who does not re-enroll into the next cohort will forfeit their entire tuition and other fees paid.

  8. Responsibility: The student deferring will be responsible for staying informed of the updated course price and for paying the differential fees before re-enrolling in the next cohort.

  9. Transferability: The deferral option is not transferable to another student (existing or new) and can only be used by the original student.

  10. Compliance: Hibreed reserves the right to modify or discontinue the deferral policy at any time, and students are responsible for staying informed of any updates to the policy.

  11. Support: Hibreed is committed to providing support to students during the deferral process and beyond. If a student has any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to reach out to the administrator via email for assistance.

  12. Confirmation: Upon approval of the deferral request, Hibreed will send a written confirmation to the student, outlining any additional terms and conditions of the deferral and the re-enrollment process.

  13. Responsibility: The student is responsible for ensuring that their contact information is up-to-date and for providing Hibreed with any changes in a timely manner.

  14. Agreement: By deferring an enrollment, the student agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this deferral policy.

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