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Learn Python programming and understand the Python ecosystem. Leverage the hands-on experience of using Python to script and automate repetitive tasks.

No prior coding experience required.


Course Overview

Hibreed's Python Programming course is designed to provide you with hands-on experience and understanding of the Python ecosystem.


Taught by industry experts, the course uses a project-based learning model to provide you with hands-on programming experience to launch into the technology industry.

At the end of the course, you will be able to;

  • Understand the Basics of Python Programming 

  • ​Apply Python tools to automate repetitive tasks for machines and systems.  ​

  • develop a fully functional command line application in python

So, don’t be put off by the jargons and buzzwords because by the end of the course, you will have the skills, experience, and confidence needed to dive into a career in technology. 

Course Modules

Module 1

Introduction to the software development lifecycle

Review of agile delivery (needs analysis to quality assurance), review job descriptions, review of different coding options, python pros & cons, troubleshooting


Module 2

Python basics

Basic data types, control, and looping constructs, function definitions, data structures


Module 3

Tools for software engineering: IDEs, pip, git, virtual environments, pylint


Module 4

Python basics 2: Algorithms, Error and exception handling primitives, regular expressions


Module 5

Introduction to databases/datastores: Types of databases, basic query commands, frameworks


Module 6

Object Oriented programming concepts: Objects, classes, inheritance, abstraction etc.


Module 7

Introduction to python frameworks: Flask (deep dive), Django


Module 8

Project management: Project delivery, Quality control, code review, CI/CD


Current cohort is full. We will soon open registration for next cohort.

Course Duration

8 Weeks intensive weekend sessions 

Time / Effort

5 - 7 Hours per week for lectures, project work and assessments.

Modules #

8 Course modules

Mode of Course Delivery

100% Online learning

Meet the Course Instructor


Trevor Nagaba, London, United Kingdom

Senior Technology Consultant @ PwC

Trevor is a Senior Consultant within PwC's technology practice in the UK. He has worked in a diverse range of roles within PwC ranging from digital audit, advanced analytics and process automation.

He was based in PwC's East Africa office before making the move to the UK. Trevor is also an alumni of Andela Uganda.



  • Professionals looking to make a career pivot into software industry

  • Organizational Leaders looking to augment their offering with digital/technology skills

  • Entrepreneurs passionate about building an innovative business using technology

  • Graduates looking for a practical introduction to programming course

  • Anyone looking to break into the software engineering office

Recognizing how programming is transforming industries, then everyone must think strategically how to learn new skills and explore meaningful opportunities globally. 

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