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Master Class

If you plan to work as a Product Manager in Canada, UK, USA, or explore remote jobs from any where in the world, then this training has been specifically designed to set you up for success. 


Course overview

Gain the modern skills needed to create and manage products through the product lifecycle from discovery through to strategy development and launch.

In this immersive curriculum, you will learn and apply design thinking and work with teams to develop products that solve real-world problems.


The course provides modern skills in product strategy, agile, design thinking, market and user research, prototyping and lost more.


Taught by leading product manager from industry who bring their wealth of knowledge to support and guide students on how to build a successful career in product management.


Here's what you'll benefit from the program;

  • 10 weeks of immersive learning

  • Multiple hands-on Product Management projects to add to your portfolio and GitHub

  • Interview preparation  

  • Resume and LinkedIn profile assistance

  • Job placement support

  • Recommendation/Reference Letter

  • Alumni networking support


Next class starts on April 27th, 2024

Course Duration

10 Weeks intensive weekend (Saturday) sessions 

Course Fee (in USD)

$1,300 (One Thousand and Three Hundred Dollars) 

*** Getting an early bird scholarship can reduce your fees by up to 30% (i.e. $900). Closes on March 31st, 2024.

*** Installment payment options exist

Time / Effort

5 - 6 Hours per week for lectures, project work and assessments.

Mode of Course Delivery

100% Online learning

Who take this course

This program curated and best suited for applicants with ANY of the following backgrounds and mindset:

  • No coding/programing experience required

  • Digitally literate, comfortable with technology

  • Early to mid-career professionals with some work experience

  • No technology industry experience

  • Associate product management/project management  

  • Aspiring Product Managers

  • New Product Managers

  • Career switchers


The Process 


Candidate completes application form 

Get Interviewed

Candidate is interviewed for program fit

Make Payment

Candidate is admitted and payments made

Start & Complete 

Candidate starts and completes training

Course Modules 

Module 1

Introduction to Product Management 

  • Understanding the role, importance, responsibilities and activities of a Product Manager.

Module 2

Working with Shareholders

  • Working with Engineering and other Product roles

  • Working with stakeholders across the organization

  • Working with global teams

Module 3

Identifying Market Problems and Needs

  • Market research

  • Customer and user research

  • Personas (buyer and user personas)

Module 4

Design Thinking

  • Product Discovery

  • Empathy maps

  • Service designs

  • User experience journey mapping

Module 5

Defining Products Requirements

  • Epics and User stories

  • Collaborating with Engineering on product requirements

Module 6

Product Vision & Strategy  

  • Defining product vision and its interplay with company vision interplay

  • Developing product strategy

  • Streamlining product strategy

  • Prototyping and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

  • Prioritization & trade offs  

Module 7

Product Roadmap

  • Definition & goals of product roadmaps

  • Importance of product roadmap 

  • Elements of a product roadmap

  • How to build a product roadmap

Module 8

Building and launching products

  • Product managers,  Devops, and Infrastructure

  • Shaping up the work and planning release

Module 9

Project Management Frameworks

  • Agile (scrum, Kanban, SAFe)

  • Waterfall

Module 10

Product Metrics/Analytics

  • The why, the what and the how of product metrics

  • Different types of metrics - e.g. usage, adoption, retention metrics

Module 11

Landing a Product Manager role

  • Resume/CV fit

  • Interviewing tips

Meet the Course Instructors

Esther Anegbe_edited.jpg

Esther Anegbe, Canada

Product Manager @ Assent, Canada

Esther currently leads key sustainability software products at Assent. She worked as
a Technology Analyst, Software Researcher and Implementer at various for various organizations.

She holds a Computer Engineering undergrad and a Masters in
Engineering in Technology Innovation Management from Carleton University, Ottawa,

Esther will be one of the Product Management instructors. 


Foluwa Akinsemoyin, Canada

Senior Product Manager @ Telus

Foluwa is a Senior Product Manager at TELUS, building digital products within the Gaming & Esports team.

Prior to his current role, he has held product leadership roles with SaaS companies. 

Foluwa has a masters in Electrical Engineering and a bachelors in Computer Science.

He will be an instructor Product Management program and is committed to the success of the students.

Why take this course

Person Analyzing Data

Mock Interview Sessions

Our Talent Acquisition partners will conduct mock interview sessions during the training to give students an opportunity to practice for  real job interviews.
We prepare students according to the current industry trends so that can get interview ready. Students learn how to answer difficult questions, improve communication skills and develop interview strategies.

End to End Live Projects
At Hibreed, our students will get hands-on experience by working on live projects using technical tools in real-time.
Working on real projects will make them more confident and expertise in the respective field.
Students have a group discussions about the projects with other student groups as well as their trainers.

Professional Resume Preparation

Our experts will assist you with job interviews but will also help you to build a perfect resume according to your experience and the work you have done while training.

Our team also help students to optimize their
LinkedIn and Git hub profiles so that they can become prepared and successfully approach the job market.

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