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Gain cutting-edge User Experience (UX) design knowledge and skills to develop engaging and intuitive digital media experiences for users.

No prior coding experience required.

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Course Overview

Hibreed's User Experience (UX) Design course  provides you with foundational knowledge and skills to develop intuitive end-to-end digital media experiences.
Amongst other things, you’ll explore interface design, prototyping, and usability testing and inspecting. You’ll also acquire tools to generate creative, user-friendly digital solutions that support human experience within an interactive environment. You will ;

  • Immerse yourself in the exciting world of UX design  

  • Discover Creative Practices & Industry Tools

  • Gain hands-on practical experience before you graduate

These skills are in high demand for the design, prototyping, and testing of products for the web, mobile, and other interactive media sectors.  

Course Modules

Module 1

History of UX, UX vs UI, the scope of UX Design, the role of a UX Designer , benefits of UX to an organization

Module 2

Understanding the principles of UX Design, UX Design Framework, heuristic Evaluation and Usability Audit, introduction to Data-Driven Design, and Psychology in UX


Module 3

Discover the UX Design Process, Design Sprints, Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking and 

UX competitive Analysis

Module 4

Exploring proto-persona, journey mapping, UX interviews and Contextual Inquiries, Problem statement and Hypothesis, and UX Ideation Techniques

Module 5

Introduction to User Flows and Task Analysis, Paper Prototyping, and Usability Testing

Module 6

Understanding Visual Design Principles, Style Guides, Design Systems, Creating High Fidelity Wireframes using Figma

Module 7

Collaborating with stakeholders, the T-shaped Designer, challenges of being a UX Designer, UX Design Portfolio, carving A Successful Career Path in UX Design

Module 8

Capstone Project. Present a real life project that forms part of your portfolio. 


Current cohort is full. We will soon open registration for next cohort.

Course Duration

8 Weeks intensive Saturday sessions 

Time / Effort

3 - 6 hours per week for lectures, project work and assessments.

Modules #

8 Course modules

Mode of Course Delivery

100% Online learning

Course Fee

$390 (or N250,000). You can pay in your local currency

*** Getting a scholarship can reduce your fees by up to 50% (i.e. N125,000)

*** Installment payment options exist

** Limited slots available



  • Thinking of UX as a Career Path: Doesn’t matter if you are a student, a recent graduate or a professional hoping to switch to a more fulfilling career like User Experience Design. This course is for you if you are considering a career path in User Experience Design. 

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:  This course is for you if you want to learn techniques that will improve your product or services using User Experience Design. This course also sheds light on how a User Experience Designer can help you improve your product or services.

  • Tech Enthusiasts and Curious Learners: You have heard so much about UX and UI and you are curious to learn what it means and what User Experience Designers do.

  • Developers and Product/Project Managers: This course is for you if you work alongside a User Experience Designer and you would love to learn more about the User Experience role, and how you can empathize with User Experience Designers as well as speak their language.



       Recognizing how programming is transforming industries, then everyone must think 

       strategically how to learn new skills and explore meaningful opportunities globally. 

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